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Our mission

Our mission is to share our passion for fitness and improve the health, happiness and performance of our clients. We strive to create excellence inside and outside our community. We are committed to providing the best customer service while never losing focus of helping individuals achieve balance and success.

Our vision

CrossFit Achieve started with a simple vision: to impact as many people as possible through health and fitness by creating a premier CrossFit community in St. Louis and the world. We are a full-service facility dedicated to world class coaching, community and facility. We strive to help individuals become a better version of themselves by helping them develop lifelong habits.

Our core values

  1. Loyalty: We commit ourselves to the pursuit of health & fitness for individuals on any level and ourselves. We are committed to having a better understanding of the priorities, goals and passions of our clients. Through this understanding we strive to constantly create services and offerings to support the personal growth of our members.
  2. Lead by example: We believe, “there is never a wrong time to do the right thing.” We understand that WE MUST GO FIRST, and I wouldn’t tell you to do anything I wouldn’t do myself.
  3. Perseverance: We understand first hand that to achieve greatness it takes perseverance, discipline, time and mastering the mondame. So, we are committed to the process and are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their. Our success depends on our ability to get YOU results.
  4. Cultivate a Growth Mindset: Cultivating a growth mindset reflects our belief that we always have the capacity to improve personally and professionally. As a staff, we aim to continuously improve our understanding of movement and training practices, which in turn improves our capacity as coaches. It is our belief that when our staff is constantly seeking opportunities to grow, all aspects of our operation improve, from classes and services, to facilities and systems — and most importantly, the experience of our members. This is no different from our members! Having a growth mindset when you come into the gym will drastically improve your experience, results and life outside the gym!
  5. Go the extra mile: We believe in going above and beyond for our clients to ensure their success with us.
  6. Build positive & fun relationships: Our goal is to provide a place that our members call home. A place that fosters positive and fun relationships with all members but also fosters the same relationship with every human interaction.
  7. Be humble: We are never too good for anyone, and it’s important to remember where and how we started.
  8. Accept responsibility: We believe in taking full ownership of everything we do.
  9. Take initiative: Part of taking full ownership of our lives is also taking initiative in the things we do. Lead the way others wish to be.
  10. Be selfless & Enthusiastic: To be selfless we must put others first and inconvenience ourselves to help others. To serve others we must be enthusiastic among ourselves and lift those around us up. It doesn’t matter what we have going on, what matters is that our clients have the best experience with us at all times.
  11. Believe: The ultimate gift is belief. We believe in everything we do as a company and that we might not always understand, we believe in our mission and values and they will guide us to the right decision and direction.
  12. Be Inclusive: CFA is a community of people where you’re accepted for who you are, then challenged to get better. Our goal is to create a welcoming environment for everyone regardless of their background, beliefs or fitness level. Working towards an inclusive environment allows us to do the most amount of good for the most amount of people and helps cultivate a dynamic and diverse community.

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